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Akane Original Lotion Massage Course

We use the Pepe Lotion that contains extract of seaweed. Each course includes our special hand services. For course 2 and 3, we offer prostate and testicle massage.

1. Lotion Massage 60 min. 770B
2. Body Scrub Lotion Massage 90 min. 950B
3. Lotion Massage (Sexy) 90 min. 1100B
4. Body Scrub Lotion Massage (Sexy) 120min. 1300B

Fashion Massage

This is a sexy massage specialized for see-through wear and oral play (using a condom).
A shower service and prostate massage on a sexy chair are also offered.

S1. Fashion Massage 50 min. 1100B
S3. Fashion Massage 90 min. 1580B
S4. Body Scrub Fashion Massage 120 min. 1780B
S4P. Fashion Massage 120 min.
After your body scrub lotion massage, another girl will join for the
final special service.
S5. Body Scrub Fashion Massage 80 min. 1480B

VIP Course

You may choose two girls. It is very exciting and romantic.

V2. Two Ladies Fashion Massage 70 min. 1880B
In VIP room 1980B
V4. Two Ladies Fashion Massage 120 min. 2580B
In VIP room 2880B

Body Scrub / VIP Room

5. Body Scrub (Not including massage and special services) 30 min. 380B
  VIP Room (available for any course) 180B

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